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About us

About us

About us

The First Taiwanese Company To Introduce a 100% Homegrown Massage Chair --

Since the establishment as Taiwan’s first massage chair developed and manufactured, Tai Sheng Healthcare Machinery Co. Ltd has become the world’s leadingmaker of pedicure spa massage chairs for salons. We market products under the NEOX brand and hold the strongest R&D team, the most design advancements and the most patents of any Taiwanese company in our line.


Tai Sheng was the first Taiwanese company to introduce a 100% homegrown massage chair, which it did in 1981 after overcoming challenges in the areas of electrical machinery, mechanical structures, and parts shortages. To date we have developed more than 100 models of massage chairs with ever-better functions and quality.

In terms of our prospects, in addition to continuing to promote Taiwan's massage chairs, we were devoted to medical and beauty industries. A few years ago we mapped out an ambitious blueprint for future growth, calling for the development of a series of products that can sooth the body, mind, and soul. A number of the resulting new products have been unveiled recently.

From the beginning, we have been dedicated to professional production, taking quality and customer satisfaction as our highest goals. In continually freely adjusting production and sales strategy, we have responded to rapid changes in market requirements.

"The twenty year history of Taisheng's corporate growth corresponds to the history of the evolution of the massage chair in Taiwan." We passionately welcome all persons, foreign or domestic, who are concerned with the massage chair industry, asking them to come and understand and support Taisheng, making it possible for more people to enjoy the comfort of the NEOX health massage chair experience.

Our Vision

To develop a series of products that can sooth your body, mind and soul.

Our Emission

We dedicate to professional production, taking quality and customer satisfaction as our highest goals.

Principle of management

Diligent→ Diligent in each task, we do the job right.
Positive→ Positive in facing all challenges, we stay prepared and create new opportunities.
Harmony→ With harmony as a operational ideal, we promote the healthy development of the industrial environment.
Growing→ Dedicated to mutual growth, we create a multi-win situation in the larger corporate environment.

Our Service

(1). NEOX tiems:Massage Chair, Mind Massage Chair, Inversion Massage Chair, Zero Gravity Massage Chair, Massage Sofa, Massage Recliner, Foot Massager, Massager, Massage Cushion, Massage Belt, Massage Equipment, Beauty Care Massage Products, Health Care Massage Products, Pedicure SPA Massage Chair, Pedicure Stool, Nail Salon Pedicure Equipment, Medical Massager.

(2). ODM/OEM are welcomed.

(3). Domestically, we offer full at-home service across the island; customers can obtain products and service in a short time. We also offer one-year guarantee to protect customer’s rights and interests.

(4). Internationally, we completely accommodate customer needs. We can at any time provide supporting documentation of various test reports and related certifications. Besides, in terms of after-sales service, we faithfully follow the conditions agreed by contract

Massage Chair Manufacturer

Tai Sheng Healthcare Machinery Co., Ltd. is a well-experienced Pedicure Spa Massage Chair Manufacturer in Taiwan, producing Foot Massage Chair, Neck Shoulder Massager and Facial Massager with durable quality.  We have been specializing in manufacturing Air Stretch Massage Chair, SPA Chair and Body Slimmer for many years, superior quality is guaranteed.  If you are looking for reliable Massage Chair, Body Slimmer and Pedicure Spa Products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

‧Main Products:
   ‧Massage Chair
   ‧Pedicure Spa Massage Chair
   ‧Facial Massager
   ‧Body Slimmer