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About us

About us


In this professional field, we have ceaselessly pursued innovation and breakthroughs. We consider product diversification and competitiveness, and our sales and management strategy is generally multifaceted. In addition to stressing the needs of the consumer market and responding to market trends, we also emphasize the institutionalization and growth of the company.


Taisheng Almanac


R&D finished on Taiwan's very first nationally produced automatic massage chair.


Taisheng Electric Machinery Co. was set up with branches in Taipei, Taichung, and Tainan, formally opening up the domestic market.


We exerted ourselves to develop the design and manufacturing of small scale massage equipment.


We created Taiwan's first domestic brand, called Shukang, or "Health Comfort," to respond to the needs of domestic customers for health and comfort.


Going through a multitude of patent applications, we dedicated ourselves to innovation and R&D as the center of our corporate development policy.


We smoothly passed the American UL safety certification, successfully expanding our business to America, Canada, and other foreign markets.


Brought out Taiwan's first S-shaped massage chair back designed according to ergonomic principles. We then created a new era in our national brand product design.


Successfully passed the European TUV and CE product safety certifications.


Proudly accepted the Product Innovation and Research Prize issued by our own Ministry of Finance.


Taiwan's first massage chair factory to pass the ISO-9002 international quality assurance certification.


Proudly accepted the "Taiwan Superior Product Prize."


Smoothly passed the European LVD product safety testing.


Accumulated 25 domestic product patent rights.


Worked hard at the R&D and manufacture of electronic treadmills, formally bringing athletic products into our corporate line.


Brought out Taiwan's first "Compound-style Pressure Chair," which brought together mechanical and pressure massage functions and quickly became a mainstream market product.


Brought out Taiwan's first "Dual Pump" completely pressure massage style massage chairs, with the innovation of the "neck stretch" and "sway" massage functions.


Won the "Superior Family Product Design" prize.


President had won"22nd Career Establishment Youth Model of R.O.C. "


Won the honor of winning the second annual Taiwan "Little Corporate Giant" prize.


Enlarged operational scope, and changed the company name to Taisheng Co.


Created a new international brand name NEOX, bringing it into the CIS corporate identity system.


Smoothly passed the English BS and American ETL product safety certifications.


Amassed 40 domestic product patents.


Completed a high horsepower specialized automatic treadmill R&D design.


Actively installed a computer ERP system, keeping up with the trend towards resource integration and intelligent resource use, both key aspects of modern management.


Enlarged the R&D team organization, continuing to work hard to develop various products meeting the needs of the human body.


Brought out a completely new series of massage chairs with simultaneous pounding and kneading functions as well as super quiet motor design.


Brought out Taiwan's first compound-style massage chairs that have both adjustable foot massage pressure channels and also simultaneous pounding and kneading functions with super quiet motor design.


Successfully introduced products into Japanese market.


Completed R&D on low peripheral interference electronic medical products (T.E.N.S), exerted to develop the new field of medical equipment.

2004 Acquired zero gravity patent on massage chairs.
2006 Obtained ISO 13485 certification with design, a medical standard.
2007 Approved GMP medical standard factory by Taiwanese medical authority.


Develop new product- Mind Sleep Capsule Mind Massage Chair.