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About us

About us

Professional R&D

From its corporate inception, Taisheng Co. has listed professional product manufacturing and R&D as its focuses. We have taken the lead in setting up an R&D Division, and from internal mechanical and electrical control to external modeling, we divide up the tasks among professionally qualified individuals or teams and integrate their vast knowledge into a fine finished product. Taisheng invests heavily in R&D, and will take the pole position in the development of massage chairs in Taiwan in the long term.

In Taiwan, we have the most technical patents, and for the products we have released on the market, we focus on domestic and international market needs, ceaselessly keeping massage technology fresh and up to date in style and features. With extraordinary depth and breadth, our R&D team serves as a staunch support for our sales success. Our original designs have been widely accepted in national branch massage chairs, such as: foot roller massage, stimulating wave massage, compound pressure massage chairs, S-chair back human body form fitted massage chairs, etc.

Our peerless forward/reverse bidirectional rubbing massage, and rubbing/pounding synchronous massage chairs, with integrated ultrasound design, have redefined the standard functions of the high-level massage chairs. "Ceaselessly researching, innovating, improving, we aim to refine Chinese massage and pressure point practice into the ingenious movements of mechanical wheels. Like a master's hands, our massage chair raises the body and mind to a higher level." This is our goal! In order to achieve this goal, Taisheng Co.'s massage chair R&D personnel are working hard everyday to achieve the next technical breakthrough.

From the beginning to the very end, we are committed to R&D, which is the first key factor in maintaining our corporate competitive strength! Taisheng professional R&D capabilities have won us the trust of foreign and domestic customers alike. Taisheng is the best choice.